Bible Conferences


Dear Pastor,

An understanding of Bible geography, manners and customs can provide for your congregation a valuable tool to open the Scriptures and excite your people to pursue deeper Bible study. Most of the message series listed below have grown out of my own appreciation for the inseparable connection between the Land and the Book. My burden is to offer to the churches of America expository and doctrinal messages in a Bible conference setting. Many pastors have used just such a conference to prepare their congregation for a Holy Land tour. Whether or not you are presently interested in a Holy Land trip, I am available for Bible conferences throughout the USA, covering a number of topics beyond Holy Land travel.

Message series are suitable for beginning on a Sunday (including Sunday School) and continuing nightly on through Wednesday, and most are illustrated with my own pictures of the Holy Land. The number of messages for each series is flexible, as desired; messages are 50 minutes in length. If you have a particular topic you would like me to teach, feel free to ask; other expository messages can be presented, many with an emphasis on Bible geography and Old Testament history.

The individual titles below can be presented in up to 5 or 6 messages each:


“The Geography of Calvary and the Garden Tomb”


“The Geography of Armageddon” (II Chr. 35; Zech. 12; Ps. 110; Rev. 14, 16, 19). This series is strictly Bible exposition, not “prophecy and current events.”


“Christ, the Temple of God” (Matt. 12:6; Jn. 2:19-21; I Peter 2:1-10; Rev. 21:1-3); includes theories of the location of the Ark of the Covenant.

“Biblical Creation” (Genesis; Job; Psalms; Revelation)*


“Noah’s Ark and the Worldwide Deluge” (Genesis; Job; Psalms; Revelation)*

“The Creation of Man and Salvation” (Gen. 1:26-27)


“Leprosy and Confession of Sin” (Ps. 51:7)

“Christ’s Two Comings in Ancient Prophecies”


“Philemon and Christians Forgiving One Another” (Phile; Matt. 18:15-35) 

*Biblical exposition supporting a young earth, not scientific refutation of evolution. 

The individual titles below can be presented in up to three messages each:


“Christ, the Royal Priest” (Melchizedek)

“Christ as a Jasper and a Sardius Stone” (Rev. 4:3 & eternal security)

“The Virgin Birth of Christ” (Matt. 1)

“The Creator and the Suffering of the Righteous”

“Babel and the Will of God” (Gen. 11)

“The Gospel in Genesis 3”


“The Bible and its Wines” 

The individual titles below can be presented in up to two messages each:

"Noah and the Great Rest”

“The Sovereignty of God and the Salvation of the Gentiles” (Rom. 9:22-26)

“The Storm on the Sea of Galilee” (Matt. 8)

“The Child Who is God” (Luke 2:40-52)

“The First Begotten of God” (Heb. 1:5-6)

“The Seven Levitical Feasts” (Lev. 23)

“The Abrahamic Covenant and the Covenants”

“John’s Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan” (Matthew 3:13-17)

Single Message Topics:

“Living Unto Obedience and the Sprinkling of the Blood” (I Peter 1:1-2)

“Gehenna and the Lord’s Teaching on Hell”

“The Triumphal Entry of Christ into Jerusalem”

“Understanding the Conversations at the Last Supper”

“Hezekiah’s Tunnel: the Remarkable Deliverance of OT Jerusalem”

“Jerusalem’s Defense Valleys”

“Joseph’s Two Appearances: a Picture of Christ” (Gen.35-50; Acts 7)

“Tell His Disciples and Peter” (Mark 16:7)

"Music: Power to Strengthen or Weaken Worship" (Heb. 12:12-13)

“Emmanuel’s Land and the Cross” (Isa. 7-9; Gen 15)

 “The Magnified Word and the Ark of the Covenant” (Ps. 138:2)

“Passover, the Exodus and the Cross” (Ex. 12)

"Peace in the Midst of the Storm" (Rev. 10:1-4; Ps. 18; 29; 46)

"Harmonizing a Friday Crucifixion with our Lord's Final Week"

"Bread for Dogs" (Matt. 15:21-28)