This website is lovingly dedicated to:

• My father, Ralph Raymond Radford (1920-1999):

Who, influenced by his own father Raymond Rue Radford, first instilled in me a deep love for the Scriptures and desire to expound it verse-by-verse.

Whose example of rising each morning at 4:30 to study his Sunday school lesson before going to work at his small construction business taught me that teaching God’s Word is a serious task, not to be attempted without many hours of diligent study.

Who, as a layman, taught deeply verse-by-verse the book of Romans many times, as well as the books of Revelation, Ephesians, Hebrews and began Philippians the last year of his life. Following the Saturday morning he died, I found on his desk his handwritten notes for the next day's Sunday school lesson on Philippians 1:29: ". . . Christ shall be magnified in my body, whether it be by life or by death."

• My mother, Ruth McIntyre Radford (1916-2003):

Who, like Hannah, prayed to the Lord for a son (I Sam. 1:9-11). At a missions conference in their church, with the choir section in the auditorium filled with missionaries ready to go to their various fields of service, she was moved by one of the hymns sung that night:

    "Give of your sons to bear the message glorious;

     Give of your wealth to speed them on their way;

     Pour out your soul for them in prayer victorious;

     And all you are spending, Jesus will repay.”

My mother later wrote: “So right there in my seat I prayed, ‘Lord, if you will give us a son we’ll do all we can to encourage him to go into full-time Christian service.’”

Who said of me in a 1948 devotional given when I was less than a year old: “I would like him to be strong enough to place the Lord’s will above his own plans and desires.” I discovered those notes after her death in 2003.

Who instilled in me a love for foreign missions by her fondness for the salvation story of the Auca Indians in Ecuador as told by Betty Elliot in her book, Through Gates of Splendor.