A Word to Pastors


Every pastor wants to go to the Holy Land and would like his congregation to enjoy the benefits of a tour as well. But perhaps you lack the experience and knowledge for organizing that trip. A former pastor myself, I have delighted in helping many men just like you.

I will never forget my first trip to Israel back in 1985. Although I have learned much about archaeology and Old Testament Bible history since then, the impact of my first experience in the land of Israel remains very special. Since that trip, I now have approximately 170 days of accrued travel in the land, literally from “Dan to Beersheba.” My experiences have given me the desire to help the Holy Land traveler understand and apply the vast amount of information received on tour so that it will truly open up a better understanding of the Scriptures. I know that experiencing the Holy Land will greatly enhance your appreciation of the Word of God.  

In addition to conducting my own tours to Israel, my main ministry is to assist pastors to host their own tour and take their congregation to the Holy Land. I specialize in Holy Land study tours for the layman, featuring Bible Geography and Old Testament history and I wrote A Study Guide for Holy Land Travel as a dissertation for my doctorate from Bob Jones University. Repeatedly I have seen the impact this study tour has had upon the student of God’s Word.

While tour prices constantly rise, my desire has always been to provide a life-changing trip that is affordable for all, and over the years, I have never found a similar tour for our historically low price.