Tour Testimonials

"Fantastic tour from a knowledge and inspirational standpoint!! Had a wonderful time and now have memories to cherish!"

Pastor Todd Stricklin, RI

"This trip has been the fulfillment of a dream since I was 9 years old. Although my wife and I studied carefully before coming to Israel, we learned much every day. The longer tour afforded the opportunity to see every noteworthy site, especially covering so much territory in the northern part of the country. We will never read our Bibles the same now that we have been there. We need to return and bring our friends."

Pastor Dave Jaspers, IL

"You have blessed us beyond words."

Deborah, East Greenwich, RI

“We want to thank you for the wonderful trip that you have made possible for us. Your careful planning and working behind the scenes allowed us to do what we never could have done without you. Your teaching at each site was always excellent and pertinent, and it made the Biblical events that happened there mean so much more. We realize that a lot of unseen hard work smoothed the way for us and allowed us to enjoy all that we did. . . . . Thank you for providing such a thorough tour. Rather than diminishing in our memory, the trip is increasing in depth in our own hearts. May the Lord richly bless you, Dr. Radford, for the eternal influence you have had upon us.”

Mary, Bellville, IL

“Every day we discuss the influence that you have had on our lives by the trip that we took with you to Israel. We continue to marvel at your enthusiasm for the Bible and the Land of Israel that seems to empower you beyond average men. We would be delighted to have a brochure for your next trip. We hope that many others may benefit from your influence. Thank you for brightening our lives spiritually. The highlight of this year for us was our trip to Israel. Thank you for making it possible and for making it spiritually enriching by your Bible teaching. The Bible has taken on a new reality, now that we have seen its events in their context. Thank you for sharing this blessing with us.”

Pastor Gary and Mrs. Huffman, Calvary Baptist Church, IL

"[The trip to Israel was] a life-changing experience and one we recommend to everyone. Just to walk in the places we've read about in the Bible made His Word come alive for us. Most moving places were the Garden Tomb and the Sea of Galilee.”

Ed and Pam, Hobbs, NM

“Doris and I wish to thank you both for making our trip to the Holy Land what it was. We appreciate greatly all the planning you did prior to the trip, your excellent leadership during the trip, your willingness to answer our many questions and your insight into the Scriptures in relationship to the areas we visited. Truly this was a trip of a lifetime for the two of us and you were a vital part in making it such.”

Pastor Rod Anderson, WI

“I wanted to write and thank you for the excellent Bible Geography class you taught here at Anchor Baptist last week. The people that took the evening classes immensely enjoyed it and learned a great deal. Testimony time at our Sunday evening service was filled with people thanking the Lord for the blessing they received. We will continue to pray for you in your continued ministry. Thank you for being part of ours.”

Pastor Andy Counterman, Anchor Baptist Church, MD

“How can we thank you for all you did to provide such a memorable life-changing experience? We kept saying, ‘I can't believe we're here!’ One of the most beneficial things for me was Bob's teaching at each site and in the evening sessions. You went beyond the obvious historical significance and gave us the "reading between the lines," tying in a deeper application. I loved that. You gave me a new approach to Bible Study. Already, I see Scripture in a fresher, crisper focus, just in my devotional Quiet Time reading. I can't wait to dig in. My favorite activity was conquering the Arbel Cliffs. Which reminds me, could I impose on your time and ask you to do me a huge favor and email that photo of me on the cliff? I want to impress our family and friends! Ha-ha, Thanks HEAPS.”

Ron and Lois, Cape Cod, MA

"Just wanted to let you know again how much I enjoyed the trip. It was indeed an in-debth study of the land of the Scripture. I appreciated so much your excitement about the Word of God and the place it should have in our lives. I learned much and hopefully will use that knowledge to God's glory. It was great to meet and know Gi Gi. You have a servant's heart."

Charlotte, Lincolnton, GA

"Yours is the best tour we could ever imagine! We learned to appreciate many spiritual things."

Joann, Castro Valley, CA

"I just wanted to let you know how much John and I enjoyed the tour. We had to go to a different area when we got to the airport and didn't get an opportunity to tell everyone how much we enjoyed meeting them and to let you know how much we appreciated your leadership and extensive knowledge. I have a much better understanding of many Biblical events because you and Gideon made the context of the times much clearer. The accomodations and food were great also. I thinlk we really got our money's worth! Thanks again and God bless."

John and Linda, Norwalk, CA

"I am just now soaking in what we saw and experienced - Awesome!! Yes, we had an unforgettable time together - what a blessing our journey was. I believe we are all blessed from visiting where Jesus taught. Am excited about learning more each day."

Eunice, Bowie, MD

"A wonderful journey together. My deepest appreciation to you both for a trip of a lifetime and opening the Scriptures to me in a new and inspiring way. I cannot imagine having 2 better guides plus Gideon, of course, to walk us through the Holy Land. All of your preparation before hand was essential for our comfort and safety."

Anza, Arnold, MD

"May you have a merry, blessed Christmas as you celebrate His birth. We are reliving our wonderful experience in Israel over again with each sermon and every Bible reading. It was an amazing time and we thank you."

Ed and Carol, Phoenix, AZ